Mozzarella di Puglia Show

Mozzarella di Puglia Show

Mozzarella Show:

in the heart of the burrata, knots and stracciatella

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It was 1956, when Lorenzo Bianchino, a cheesemaker from Andria in a farm near Castel del Monte, during a snowfall that made it difficult to deliver dairy products, had the idea of creating a sort of protective shell made with mozzarella dough, to protect from the cold temperature the the inside made of mozzarella stripes with cow cream.


In this way the famous Burrata from  Andria was born.


We will take you to the heart of the cheese factory to discover the real Apulian mozzarella. You will see the production process of the typical dairy products of the area between Barletta, Andria and Trani, made by the mastery of the cheesemaker Vincenzo who produces mozzarella, burrata and stracciatella with traditional methods.


It will be a journey to discover the true taste of mozzarella and its derivatives, you will have the opportunity to know the secrets of this ancient craft and taste the mozzarella just made.


Visit to the cheese factory

Show cooking of the production process of dairy products

Tasting of local products

How to buy the experience of the Tasting tour of mozzarella online with Puglia Taste & Culture

The “Tasting tour of mozzarella, burrata and other typical Apulian cheese” includes:

live the experience in one of the most genuine cheese factory in the area of Barletta-Andria-Trani;

a tasting based on the option chosen during the online purchase;

It not includes: transfers, tourist guide service, escort and everything not mentioned above.

If you want other services or information related to accessibility, before making the online purchase write to




If you would like your experience in other languages, before booking the visit, send an email to

How to buy online

Click on Buy Now;

Choose the date and options available;

You will receive the booking request.

Only after Puglia Taste & Culture has checked the availability of the chosen date, you will receive the booking confirmation, including: times, place and details of the experience;

By purchasing the online experience, you will buy an activity that you can enjoy on your own.


Payment is possible with Aura, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron.

When you send the request for availability, the amount due will be withdrawl;

If the experience is not available for the requested date, the fee will be immediately refunded.

Type of product: standard

Duration: approx  2 ore

City: Andria, Trani, Barletta and in other Apulian destination, depending on availability

Language: Italian.

If you would like your experience in other languages, before booking the visit, send an email to

Experts: cheese maker

Minimum number: 2/4 people (depending on the cheesemaker available)

Cancellation: free within 48 hrs before the booked date


Activities are subject to change.

Personalized experience: if you have other needs not listed in this description or you would like to have a private tourist guide, a transfer service, take a city tour and much more, do not hesitate to write to us at

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